Opinion on Quebec’s reaction to Tiktok

Professor Manon G. Guillemette reacted to the TikTok directive. Traditionally, decisions on security measures are taken by university boards of governors. However, in this case, the directive was issued by the province itself. This situation may have raised doubts as to whether all the universities had thought this issue through thoroughly, as they generally tend … Read more

Training sculpted to meet Bill 25 obligations

Bill 25 revises the privacy legislation. Additional obligations come into effect on the anniversary dates of September 22, 2022/2023/2024. There will be significant penalties for organizations that have not ensured compliance. The GRIC has therefore ensured that a complete, pragmatic training program of adequate duration is offered to Quebec organizations, whether they are in the … Read more

Participation in Public Safety Canada’s ICS Security Symposium

GRIC researchers participated as speakers at the Canadian Critical Infrastructure Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Symposium on October 25-26, 2022. From coast to coast, more than 350 people from the industry attended the symposium, which was hosted by Public Safety Canada. The researchers welcome participation as experts on panels, conferences or discussion groups. Do not … Read more

Data governance and Bill 25: real and unavoidable issues

Professor Guillemette, Professors Chamberland-Tremblay and Oulaï, as well as Master’s student Mr. Olivier D. Landreville presented a Sherbrooke Innopole webinar on Bill 25 preparation to more than 150 people. The participants had excellent answers to their numerous questions! Presentation is available here.

Conference of the confederation of national associations of ÉNA-INSP former students

Four GRIC researchers participated in the conference of the confederation of national associations of former students of the ÉNA-INSP with the theme: “The major challenges of public administrations: cybersecurity, quantum technologies, gender parity and climate change management” at the Longueuil Campus of the Université de Sherbrooke. In this regard, the three conferences were:

GRIC participates at VmWare’s NG-IA research center launch

On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, the American multinational VMware announced the opening of the NG-IA Research and Innovation Center at the Montreal technology incubator Centech. The GRIC pools expertise with academic partners while taking advantage of VmWare’s cutting-edge technologies in multi-infrastructure, advanced networking and modern application development, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). … Read more

GRIC is proud to publish a Digital Identity Security Framework Guide

The Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Research Group (GRIC) of the University of Sherbrooke is making available to business owners a comprehensive and accessible guide on the digital identity of individuals. The digital transformation of businesses has forced the adoption of new practices in order to remain competitive. However, many challenges remain for businesses, especially SMEs. Prof. Daniel … Read more

Large network of over 120,000 malicious residential proxies unmasked

Do you read the terms of use carefully when you download an application? A recent discovery made by computer science professor Marc Frappier and two students, Philippe-Antoine Plante in the master’s program in computer science and Guillaume Joly in the bachelor’s program in computer science, invites us to be vigilant when downloading free virtual private … Read more