Amarilda Koka

Digital Identity Interoperability


Born and raised in a small city in Albania, Amarilda Koka is currently pursuing an Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree in cybersecurity.

In 2019 she created a vision to combine technology with business and pursued a degree in Business Informatics. During her undergraduate studies, Amarilda established her first startup, completed several internships in the field of technology and finance, one of them in the Bank of Albania, and was an active student in several training in information technology. However, it was a course on information security and participation in an organization “Women for Cyber” that helped her discover her passion for cybersecurity.

Amarilda set out to explore the vastness of cybersecurity and found the program CYBERUS Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters. The first year of the master at the University of South Brittany in France proved to be challenging yet rewarding, as Amarilda delved deeper into the field of cybersecurity and discovered its multidimensional nature.
One of the opportunities presented to her was a research internship with the University of Sherbrooke in Canada, where she is going to work on a project proposing a security interoperability model on digital identity. Through this project, Amarilda realizes the importance of interoperability in ensuring that users can access services and resources across different platforms and organizations while maintaining control over their personal data.
With a passion for exploring the multidimensional world of cybersecurity, she is eager to make a contribution to society while protecting the privacy of citizens. Her project topic angle will enable her to do just that and hopes to play a role in creating a safer world for all.