William Fokou Kondjo Auberi

I in a small town on the Cameroon coast.I belong to the Bamiléke ethnic group, originally from western Cameroon. I come from a large family, my father was polygamous (married to three women) and had 14 children.We are seven to my mother Matéme Régine.In 1997, I started my studies at the public school of MELONG II where I obtained in 2002 my Primary School Certificate (CEP).Thereafter, after the death of my father in June 2002, I went to Yaoundé, the political capital of Cameroon, where I completed my secondary education at the Anguissa High School and the Nkolodongo High School, respectively, where I obtained my BEPC in 2006 and my German Baccalaureate A4 in 2009.From 2009, I continued my university studies at the University of Yaoundé II (SOA) in the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences, where I obtained respectively my Bachelor’s degree in Private Law in 2012 and my Master II in Business and Corporate Law in 2014.Since 2022, I am pursuing a PhD in Business Administration and Management at the INSTITUT TECHNIQUE SUPÉRIEUR DE MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL in Paris.I am passionate about Law, governance in public and private companies, I am particularly interested in human rights, security and new technologies, sustainable development. My ambition is to perfect my studies in teaching, publishing and research.I worked for a long time in the informal sector in Cameroon, before taking a position as Director of Legal and Financial Affairs of the Achille Tendance Services and Trade Group in 2018.Currently with the student status in France, I can not perform full time work, so I work part time with the Group IFOP( survey and marketing company) as an interviewer.I am father of a daughter and engaged. Of Catholic faith. I am also a member of several associations such as CAELA (Association of former students of Anguissa High School), ASCALYN (Association of former students of Nkolodongo High School), AJBY (Association of Young Bamendjo of Yaoundé).